Studio Vérité Photography

Real Raves

Hi Kristy, 

So I think between last night and this morning I have looked atthe pictures at least 7 times. Wow...I cannot tell you how truly amazing these photos are. I remember when doing the wedding planning and choosing a photographer my mom said to me, "Gina the photographs are so important because all wehave is our memories." At the end of the day when the guest have left, the centerpieces have wilted and my fake eyelashes have fallen off, my mom was right, it is the memories that will last forever. When viewing the photos I am reliving our wedding. The beautiful and effortless way that you captured the emotion and sincerity of the wedding is priceless. I know I have only viewed some of the pictures and I can't imagine loving them more. I thank you so much for being a part or our celebration and bringing our love to life through the images that others will be able to share. 

-Gina and Steve, April 2011 

Studio Verite was the best wedding vendor decision we made! Kristy was wonderful and we now have AMAZING pictures to remember our beautiful day. Kristy is so talented and captured the essence of our wedding in such a real and artistic way! FANTASTIC! Best wedding pictures ever, I may be biased but STILL! Kristy, these are wonderful, you are an amazing photographer!  

-Jamie and Greg, August 2009 

My husband & I couldn't be happier with the engagement & wedding photos Studio Verite Photography shot for us! We were blown away by Kristy's talent & ability to capture every special moment in such an artistic way. I would HIGHLY recommend this company!  

-Kathyand Evan, July 2009 


I think I speak for both Salil and I when I say OH MY GOD these are UNBELIEVABLE! We LOVE them!! 

-Kali and Salil, Engagement, April 2009 

O..M..G Kristy I LOVE them!!! (I am totally squealing on the inside right now!!) You are such a great talent -- thank you so much, we will treasure these pictures for forever!!! I'm sending out notes to all our friends and family ASAP to take a look!! 

-Laura and Ralph, Engagement, Jan 2009 

Justin and Kristy, 

We have been so busy running around getting settled, that i only took a few mins during work today..and i am so impressed. You made be cry twice because you captured the emotion of the day so beautifully that it really brought me back. It is such a wonderful gift, thank you so much for your hard work. We loved having you there, and had so many people telling us how wonderful you guys were that day. I am so excited to share all the pics and take time to go through the rest.  

-Rachel and Shilpan, July 2009 

We would ABSOLUTELY recommend Studio Verite Photography. Justin and Kristy were such a pleasure to work with. They were very professional yet fun to work with. Everyone at our wedding commented on how great and pleasurable they were. Additionally, our pictures turned out amazing! They captured every moment and feeling at our wedding. We didn't hire a videographer and after seeing the pictures we realized we didn't have to. Justin and Kristy have amazing talents.  

-Rachelle and Richard, Chicago, May2008 

Justin has the magic! As an art director who regularly hires photographers, it was clear upon seeing Justin's portfolio that he is highly talented with that coveted eye and the quick reflexes to capture spontaneous moments. Leading up to our event we were so excited we decided to hire Justin as our photographer. And seeing the final images -- they are the best gift we could have received! The splendor of our day is fully documented. Justin is worth his weight in gold! 

-Jennifer Linton, Chicago, June 2008 

From our initial meeting with the photographers of Studio Verite, we knew that every precious moment of our wedding day would be captured at its best. Sometimes you just know, and we were spot on about Kristy and Justin. The pictures turned out superb, the photographers were creative and fun, and they knew when to step in/step aside for every moment of the day. We have wedding pictures that clearly unravel the events of the days, and will last us forever! Studio Verite is a great value and you'll be hard pressed to find similar. 

-Lisa and Brian, Milwaukee, May 2008 

Kristy at Studio Verite exceeded every expectation we had! She was professional, friendly, and worked with a smile. The finished photos are beautiful and we couldn't be happier with our choice of photographer! She made us so comfortable, we almost forgot how stressful the day was! We recommend her and the studio to all our friends and family! 

-Donald and Heather Kay, July 2008 

When I received my photos I cried, I could not believe that Justin captured the way I feel about my husband, the glance we had at each other. And ohhh the images for the celebration - beautiful!! 

I am a professional photographer for a Chicago Newspaper, I am very critical on other photographer's work-I have the highest regard for Justin's practices and photography. 

-Annie Patrick, Chicago, Feb 2008 


Scott and I want to thank you again for all your help. We cannot tell you how spectacular the pictures have come out. We've received so many compliments on the photos. You are very talented. It was so much fun working with you. You helped make the wedding planning process easier, especially since we were doing it form Texas. We can't say thank you enough for how pleased we are with the pictures. 

-Christin and Scott Marr, La Jolla, June 2008 

Hi Kristy, 

John and I LOVE our photos! I'm looking at them again today and they look so amazing. You really captured the day and I didn't ever feel nervous around you. I couldn't have asked for anything better... you're really great at what you do. 

-Christy and John, The Prado, July 2008 

Kristy was great! Her bright smile and personality made us feel very comfortable. Her pleasant and professional style was appreciated by all, so much so that many guests asked us where we had found her. Our wedding album is full of beautiful and artistic shots as well as numerous fun candids. We would recommend Kristy for any event! 

-Simone and Matthew, La Jolla, Sept 2007